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  • Mounting Watercolour Without Glass: In this PDF you will find instructions on how to seal your watercolour painting with spray varnish, mount it to a panel and how to finish it by sealing it with wax. - PDF

  • Un-stretched Canvas: Ways to use un-stretched (sheet) canvas. How to Prepare Wood panels, un-primed Canvas or Watercolour paper before using acrylic paints. How to fix your canvas or paper to Wood Panels - PDF

  • Quick Sketch Practice Tools for Artists - Here's a great way to warm up before you start your art day, or to just practice your drawing. I've included some of my quick sketches that I have done using the Practice Tools for Artists site. It's free, try it out. Also included in this PDF are two other free drawing sites that you may like - PDF

  • Why paint when you can take a photo? What would we know of our world’s history if you wiped out all of the painted and drawn images pre-photography? Some people have asked, "What is the function of painting in a “world of global communication, the internet, and digitization?”  Does painting serve a purpose now and what about the future? - PDF

More Tips & Techniques

  • How we think about ourselves as artists and most importantly how we implant that information into our subconscious. - PDF

  • Brush Size Chart from OPUS Art Supplies. Although this document refers to the brushes made for OPUS, you may find it helpful as a reference for brush shapes and sizes - PDF

  • Plein Air Checklist - This is a starting point for those who would like to do plein air painting. You can add more to this list as required by your personal style. - PDF

  • Choosing What to Paint - Staying Close at Hand (From Marla Baggetta’s Email Newsletter) One of the biggest challenges as an artist is choosing what to paint, choosing the media and choosing what approach to use - PDF


  • Using a medium and water mixture for painting in acrylics, and Inexpensive brushes for painting landscapes and grasses. - PDF

  • Painting Clouds in acrylics and Trees in Watercolour - PDF

  • Beginners Guide to Acrylics from Will Kemp School. This document also includes links to free art
    videos -

  • Liquitex Acrylic Book - PDF


  • Colour mixing cheat sheets for watercolour from ArtTutor - PDF