Lesser Known Canadian Artists

by FVWS Member, Denis Halliwell

Let’s Look at Some Lesser Known Canadian Painters

Ask who is the most famous Canadian painter and you may hear many names…Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) is said to be one such painter. Now ask who the least well-known Canadian painter is. The answer is up for grabs. But there are reasons to remember such mildly forgotten heroes who wielded paints and brushes over the years. Some of these artists have influenced other Canadian artists and art lovers the world over. Here are some brief biographies of such painters along with commentary on their lives and the art they made. Let’s not forget those painters who truly deserve to be remembered.

Featured Artist or Artist Group

Beaver Hall Group – Montreal 1920

Have you heard of the Beaver Hall Group of Canadian painters? The artists in that group painted pictures that have been described as “rich in colours, bold in statement, powerful Canadian talent.” They were celebrated in their day during an era when “…women who painted were largely regarded as amateurs rather than as professional artists.” (Skelly, Julia, 2016, Beaver Hall Group).   Read More 


David Milne (1882-1953) David was from the town of Pailsey, Ontario.   Read More 

Homer Watson Born 1855 and spent his early years preparing to become a successful artist.   Read More 

Molly Lamb Bobak  (1920-2014) Molly was from Lulu Island, part of Richmond, B.C.   Read More 

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